Design leadership requires consideration and planning for organizational effectiveness beyond demands of doing “the work.” We’ll identify the big challenges Design leaders face in managing and scaling operations—and begin addressing them together in this collaborative activity. We’ll work together in privacy and plenary to share ideas around the optimal design organization and capture learnings. You will leave prepared to discuss and implement changes towards a more ideal design organization.

What topics will be covered 

We’ll explore topics fundamental to leading a Design org:
+Who we are: teammates and stakeholders
+What we do: value and method
+How we communicate: internally and externally
+How we are structured: responsibilities and goals
+What constrains us: governance and risk

What exercises will be done?

With the DesignOps canvas guiding us, we will rotate through individual work, 1:1 “client and consultant” interviews and group discussion. We’ll complete versions of the canvas big and take-home sized.

What will the audience take away from this workshop?

We designed the session to surface and explore the biggest and most common challenges facing Design leaders, and use those obstacles as a catalyst for workshop participants to plan their ideal Design org.

Participants will consider a holistic approach to leading their Design org and define where they want it to go. This will prepare workshop participants to plan for change, discuss their vision with colleagues or conduct the same exercise with their team.

Any requirements for attending?

Pre-work creates better workshops!
When you have a few moments, think through the places you’ve worked, all the organizations you’ve spent time with. Come to the workshop willing to share your experience at one of those places...

1. ...where you felt the culture was problematic or leadership was ineffective or the teams didn’t communicate...somewhere you couldn’t do your best work and had a bad experience.
2. ...that you won’t mind talking about with our workshop group, the people in our room.