If you want anyone to hear your message, it better be delivered well.

Even if you don’t have “give TED Talk in Q2” as one of your goals, it’s important to know how to deliver a meeting.

“I don’t know how to tell a story,” you might say. “Nobody has ever asked me to share my point of view.”

Or maybe you’re a VP, but have heard you’re a terrible influencer.

This workshop is for anyone who wants to feel confident in their public speaking, whether “the public” is a room of 5 or 5,000+.

What topics will be covered?

Everyone has something of value to offer their audience, and yet, public speaking still ranks as one of the top fears on people’s lists. We’ll start by addressing these fears and identifying how we make up for them with filler words, ticks, and nervous habits. But don’t get stuck on the negative theoretical stuff! Participants will practice their core messages while minding delivery, physical presence, and connection with the audience.

What exercises will be done?

Build your onstage rockstar or social justice speech persona.

Create a greenroom practice to ground yourself before you head out into the lights.

Manage the room and connect with the audience by finding the four points containing the room.

Identify nervous habits and get real-time feedback.

Refine your core message and deliver it in ten words.

Receive coaching on your delivery of those ten words.

Applaud every participant for their courage to get up there!

What will the audience take away from this workshop?

The ability to deliver a concise message calmly and with confidence.

Lead from a place of giving value rather than adding anxiety or apathy to your audience.

Strategies for practicing, because we can always get better when it comes to speaking!

Any requirements for attending?

Participants must be willing to unleash their inner badass.