The rate of change is exponential. In order to stay ahead of change, we must develop new value propositions, business models, and strategies for the future. However, for as much as we put into developing strategies, we often forget that it's people - our people/employees/colleagues - who will actually make change happen. To get people onboard, they must be excited to help us create change.

During this workshop, you will learn how to employ the tools and skills needed to successfully design compelling visions and strategies through co-creation…and for any size team or company. We will cover several well-known design tools, meant to help teams create concrete visions and strategies to reach those visions, as well as interesting case studies that demonstrate how leaders can scale visions beyond one team, such that they become rallying cries for the entire company.

What topics will be covered?

How to find peoples' ambitions
How to create compelling visions
How to tell stories that resonate

What exercises will be done?

Ambition, vision, and story design

What will the audience take away from this workshop?

The audience will leave knowing the tools and skills needed to create visions and strategies that become rallying cries

Any requirements for attending?