Day 2 – Mar 20, 2018
Morning 9:00 - 12:30 PM

  • Applications of Mindfulness for Organizational Leadership

    Applying mindfulness practices in business settings allows for improved innovation, collaboration, and well-being. view more…

    Location: Seacliff B
    Peter Weng, Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute Chief Business Officer
  • Designing Visions and Strategies that Become Rallying Cries

    The rate of change is exponential. view more…

    Location: Grand Ballroom B
    Justin Lokitz, Business Models Inc. Strategy Designer + Managing Director
  • Leaders for Community Action & Equity: Understanding the Role of Self and the Team

    As a creator and decisionmaker, your “designs” impact others. view more…

    Location: Bayview B
    Antionette Carroll, Creative Reaction Lab Founder, President and CEO
  • Message, Body, Voice: Aligning Your Public Speaking Power

    If you want anyone to hear your message, it better be delivered well. view more…

    Location: Seacliff A
    Ingrid Dahl, Capital One Learning Experience Director, Public Speaking Coach
  • Prototyping Solutions for the Future of Public Spaces

    What is the future of public spaces in 2040 and beyond? In a future where Americans are majority minority, education is more fragmented across sectors, there is less government funding for public spaces, less trust in media, and the aged and youth population have expanded, what are the hybrid spaces and hybrid organizational partnerships that could form to serve communities? Might we see public space intersections blending museums, healthcare, schools and for profit services? How might we design spaces that increase social cohesion, and foster direct conversation in physical spaces? How might we design spaces that serve both eight year olds and eighty year olds? Through this hands-on collaborative workshop, participants will work in teams to create small scale models of public spaces reflecting concepts for systems and urban space design solutions addressing community needs. view more…

    Location: Grand Ballroom A
    Corinne O Takara, Okada Design Artist and Arts Educator
  • Scaling Design

    Design leadership requires consideration and planning for organizational effectiveness beyond demands of doing “the work. view more…

    Location: Bayview A
    David Mastronardi, Gamestorming Group Partner