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Miles Orkin // Get Cubed! // LX 2017 – Miles Orkin

What does it mean to take a holistic, three-dimensional approach to developing a UX org? How can you succeed at delivering product impact, evolving the overall practice of experience design, and empowering your team members to push limits and grow their careers? Will you really benefit from increasing your tolerance for chaos and complexity? What are the guardrails you should put in place to keep your burgeoning creative dynamo from spinning out of control?

Using his experience at Google as a departure point, and pulling in insights gained from the range of design groups large and small that he has helped shape, Miles will describe an approach toward cultivating UX culture and gaining leverage in the broader business that is nuanced, flexible, and mildly dogmatic. He believes that social dynamics and ideative idealism are critical but undervalued factors in the rise or fall of in-house UX teams, and he'll help you strengthen your grasp on those and other key themes.

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Catherine Courage // UX Leadership: The Lessons No One Told You // LX 2017

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Catherine Courage

Has the user experience companies deliver significantly advanced over the last decade? We have to ask ourselves why we see so many corporations with dedicated design, innovation and customer success teams, yet their products and services do not reflect this investment. Part of the challenge is we have an abundance of craftspeople, but we still lack of strong UX leadership to drive culture change.

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Bringing Diversity into Design // LX 2017

In a rare bit of organizational candor last year, several Silicon Valley companies released “diversity reports”- detailing the racial and gender make up of their organizations at various levels. While the release of such details is laudable, the diversity levels they reported were not.

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Christina Wodtke // The Story of Leading Experience: In Four Parts // LX 2017

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Christina Wodtke

Everyone tells you in order to lead effectively, you have to be able to be a story. To that end, we've invited Christina to introduce you to the principals of Story, and shape our collective conference experience into the emerging Story of Leading Experiences.

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Peter Merholz // The Experience is the Product // LX 2017

Peter Merholz

As products and services get more complex, and customers become savvier, it is crucial that companies compete on the basis of user experience. Typically product management is more analytical in business and engineering.

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John Devanney // Delivering the value of design at scale // LX 2017

John devanney
John Devanney

As faith in design as a key differentiator has taken hold within business, large organizations have increasingly sought to drive innovation and continuous improvement by building in-house design capabilities. A new set of tools and processes are needed to equip our new generation of in-house design leaders and managers to create, grow and measure the impact of design within their large, complex organizations.

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Josh Seiden // Sense & Respond // LX 2017

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Josh Seiden

Digital technology is changing everything about business today. Why? Because it gives organizations the ability to build continuous two-way communication into every touch point with their customers and employees.

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Tao Porchon-Lynch // It's a Beautiful Day, Isn't it? // LX 2017

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Tao Porchon-Lynch

Need a mental boost? Millions have been inspired by 98-year-old Tao Porchon-Lynch -- WWII French Resistance fighter, actress, model, writer, producer, entrepreneur, and yoga master. Be enthralled by her journey while you gain insights on attitude, overcoming obstacles and enhancing vitality.

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Julia Whitney // The Human Blueprint // LX 2017

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Julia Whitney

As experience leaders, change is what we’re about. We’re naturally gifted at invention, and as agents of digital transformation we’re often change champions; in our own organisations, or our clients’.

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Tomer Sharon // WeWork's Polaris: A System for Deciding What to Work on // LX 2017

Tomer Sharon

Many large organizations conduct a ton of research with users yet have bad research memory, research happens in silos, results are shared through long, fluffy reports, and researchers are the only ones doing proper research. Research is mostly forgotten and ignored and roadmap decisions are made purely based on passion, rather than true human needs.

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Angel Steger // Design for Growth // LX 2017

Angel steger
Angel Steger

When companies start to invest in Growth as an organization, team velocity is top of mind. As design leaders, how do we optimize for learning and moving quickly while maintaining a high bar for the user experience? How do we ensure design has a seat at the table? In this talk, we’ll go through some ingredients and methodologies that help establish design as a key partner in growth teams.

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Lisa Kay Solomon // Designing Better Futures // LX 2017

Lisa Kay Solomon

In a world filled with increasing volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity, leaders need to find new ways of responding to adaptive challenges. They need to get comfortable with ambiguity and seek insight from a broader range of places.