If someone tries to convince you of their point of view, inevitably, they will tell you a story. When statistical points fail, human brains love anecdotes as a means to illustrate a larger narrative. The immigration narrative is no exception. For years, politicians, activists, and individuals have poured countless hours and hundreds of millions of dollars into storytelling about immigrants.

But what happens when we pass the mic? The national dialogue has been invariably shifted by undocumented Americans coming forward to acknowledge their legal status, and call into question a national identity that prioritizes papers over patriotism.

But harnessing this power is not simple. How does one preserve the truth of an individual's story, while making it digestible for the public? How does one encourage individuals at risk of deportation of posting a photo of themselves? What happens after they share their stories, will they fall on deaf ears? We will be exploring the ways Define American has tried to bridge this conversational divide in America.