Who are we? Where are we? Our public spaces must invite us to engage with each other to discover and articulate these answers. At their core, vibrant public spaces lure with both the possibility of the discovery of something new and the comfort of the familiar. As we move into a future of greater societal fragmentation and demographic changes, how do we honor the merging and colliding stories of our rapidly shifting communities? Hybrid private/public spaces and community found public spaces will serve greater and greater roles as community gathering hubs.

As we move into a future with greater economic disparity, educational fragmentation, and ethnic diversity, how might we imagine public spaces to serve a wide range of community needs? How might we create new ways of direct engagement and personal connections across broader sectors of our communities in these spaces? This talk will explore ways we can create opportunities for the public to explore and shared ideas for what public spaces can be, and who we can be in them.