Design is an invisible innovation that continues to change the world through visual, spatial, and experiential means. Why not use this process to change our neighborhoods, communities, and, ultimately, the human experience for the better? Through equity-centered community design, creative problem solving, social innovation, empathy and humility, designers and community members alike can improve global difficulties and challenge human rights and social justice issues. Hear Antionette Carroll, the Founder, President and CEO of Creative Reaction Lab, discuss how August 9, 2014 and Ferguson, MO changed her from a typical 9-to-5 graphic designer to a social entrepreneur, facilitator, community organizer, and social impact design advocate; the lessons she has learned so far on her journey; and how design (and you) can create social and community transformations.

This talk will explore the need and opportunity for merging "design" and human equity to address historical and contemporary designs that have built and amplified chronic oppression for a variety of communities - big and small. Also, this talk will provide tips on how to become an equity designer in your work and life.